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We often hear the phrase ‘Live every day as if it were your last’ but I think there’s an equally important one; “Live every day as if it were your first!”

I honestly believe that if you see all of your experiences as new and fresh then they become so.  There’s nothing quite like the expression on a child’s face when they experience something for the first time;  that look of awe and excitement and usually, happiness.  Somewhere along the way we lose that.  We take each experience for granted.  In the current cynical climate, “Been there, done that” is a popular phrase.  It’s a shame.  We don’t have to look at the world that way.    Does a beautiful landscape lose its appeal because it is familiar.  Are the Pyramids less awe inspiring the second time around, or the Burj Khalifa?     How about the praise you received at work, or that hug from your loved ones?

It doesn’t have to be the obvious things though.  Sitting in my garden I love to see the flowers and the birds and the sun: and it never gets old, because I try not to let it.  I wish I was that disciplined in all areas of my life.  Often when going to work I feel, like I’m sure most people do at times, that it’s “another day at work”; but it isn’t.  It’s a new day at work; an opportunity for new experiences and interactions with people;  new achievements and lessons.  I know that if I were to look at the world this way more often I would appreciate my life more and complain less.

Every year I want to live 365 days; not one day, 365 times!  So tomorrow, I hope I can practice what I preach.


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