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Mm interesting one. I think first you have to ask the question ‘what does it mean to retire?’.  If retire means to stop doing something you dislike or feel you have to do, in favour of doing what you want to do, then there is no perfect age, except for the age you are now!

If to retire means to take myself out of the picture, stop doing anything useful or productive, then I never want to retire.

Why is retirement seen as a time of self indulgence and possibly rest and relaxation, but only in our later years? Why can’t we do that every week?

If your self indulgence is to work at a job you love and are passionate about; your rest and relaxation as simple as listening to music or spending time with family and friends, then you can retire today.

I think the guys in the picture have it right.


Working hard .... amongst the flowers

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Take a deep breath and smile. If that doesn’t work, throw something breakable.

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