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The skies were grey today in Dubai.  As always I heard people say “yes but where’s the rain” or “it’s so dull”.    Well I’m sure the rain will be here when it’s ready and then we will complain when it floods!   The sun will be back very soon and later, we will be too hot!

There’s great beauty to be seen when the skies are grey.  There are things you can see in Dubai that you don’t see when the sun is shining.   Some buildings appears to stand out more when they are not upstaged by the sun.    The colours around can seem changed.  What was grey can become pale lilac; what had no colour now has presence, the sky that was pale blue is now a metallic midnight framed by white and grey cushions.  Looking in the water, through the waves, instead of the silver sparkling on the surface, the sea gives up its glaze and we see what’s inside.  (Sometimes good, sometimes not so much!)

It probably makes no sense but is feels different.  There’s a calm that seems to settle, like a lace blanket quieting the scene.

I love the sun;  the brightness, the warmth and the feeling of wellbeing that it awards.  It is one of the reasons I love living in Dubai.   It’s easy to take the sun for granted but it is only on loan, and so while it’s away we get to see something else;  instead of Dubai gold, Dubai silver.


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I guess we’ve all heard the expression ‘Give & ye shall receive’;  it’s a pretty lofty statement  and we know what it means, but how does it relate to everyday life in 2011?   Here are a few thoughts, inspired by many other peoples writings,  and some of my own.

If you want to be understood, try to understand.

If you want help, be a help.

If you want respect, give respect.

If you want to lose someones respect, disrespect them.

If you want your boss to appreciate you, appreciate your boss.

If you want to be ignored, ignore everyone else.

If you want respect from your co-workers, give them respect.

If you want your staff to work hard for you, work hard for them.

If you want to change someones mood, think about changing yours.

If you want to receive praise, give praise.

To see a smile, give a smile.

If you want love, give love.


I hope we can all receive what we want in 2011  🙂

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Inspiring people to make the changes they want in their lives, making more changes in my own life, having fun, spending time with my husband and family, spending time with friends, listening to music, laughing, singing, dancing, listening to the birds, sitting by the beach, reaching more goals and a lot more stuff I haven’t even decided yet or am not prepared to tell you about.! 🙂

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If you’re a phone geek, this might amuse you! 

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