We often hear the phrase ‘Live every day as if it were your last’ but I think there’s an equally important one; “Live every day as if it were your first!”

I honestly believe that if you see all of your experiences as new and fresh then they become so.  There’s nothing quite like the expression on a child’s face when they experience something for the first time;  that look of awe and excitement and usually, happiness.  Somewhere along the way we lose that.  We take each experience for granted.  In the current cynical climate, “Been there, done that” is a popular phrase.  It’s a shame.  We don’t have to look at the world that way.    Does a beautiful landscape lose its appeal because it is familiar.  Are the Pyramids less awe inspiring the second time around, or the Burj Khalifa?     How about the praise you received at work, or that hug from your loved ones?

It doesn’t have to be the obvious things though.  Sitting in my garden I love to see the flowers and the birds and the sun: and it never gets old, because I try not to let it.  I wish I was that disciplined in all areas of my life.  Often when going to work I feel, like I’m sure most people do at times, that it’s “another day at work”; but it isn’t.  It’s a new day at work; an opportunity for new experiences and interactions with people;  new achievements and lessons.  I know that if I were to look at the world this way more often I would appreciate my life more and complain less.

Every year I want to live 365 days; not one day, 365 times!  So tomorrow, I hope I can practice what I preach.


Fear No More

The biggest fear I have overcome is a fear of spiders. I had suffered from the phobia since childhood and overcame it with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), both of which I have since become a practitioner of.

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Mm interesting one. I think first you have to ask the question ‘what does it mean to retire?’.  If retire means to stop doing something you dislike or feel you have to do, in favour of doing what you want to do, then there is no perfect age, except for the age you are now!

If to retire means to take myself out of the picture, stop doing anything useful or productive, then I never want to retire.

Why is retirement seen as a time of self indulgence and possibly rest and relaxation, but only in our later years? Why can’t we do that every week?

If your self indulgence is to work at a job you love and are passionate about; your rest and relaxation as simple as listening to music or spending time with family and friends, then you can retire today.

I think the guys in the picture have it right.


Working hard .... amongst the flowers

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Take a deep breath and smile. If that doesn’t work, throw something breakable.

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As a woman with more curves than I need, I am not really qualified to discuss weight loss or healthy eating etc. but it saddens me when I see comments on twitter or facebook or hear about people ‘failing’ at a diet or craving certain foods.  It would probably be rude for me to reply so I thought this would be a (little) bit more subtle!  🙂

But first a content warning! 
This blog mentions chocolate and possibly other banned substances.  Please exit if you will be disturbed by this!  

I believe that one of the problems with diets is that they concentrate on negatives:   Weight LOSS,  DON’T eat this food,  you CAN’T have that, or I MUSTNT each that cake that I’m craving right now.

Unfortunately the brain doesn’t recognise the negative concept!  For example if someone says “Don’t think of an elephant” well I can already see the pictures in your head!    Whatever you focus on, that is what the brain will process and direct your energy to.   NO chocolate NO Pringles …. well now I’m thinking of chocolate and Pringles!   

It’s the same with ‘LOSING weight’ or ‘GIVING UP bread’.   The brain doesn’t want to LOSE anything.

There’s also the ‘failing’ aspect.  If a diet says don’t, and you do,  some people think they have failed.  Not true.  (I suppose I should really say ‘incorrect’) .   Not achieving is not the same as failing!  There is big difference between not quite hitting a target and shooting your arrow in the opposite direction!

So what’s the answer?   Well as I said, I’m not really qualified to give answers but I do have some suggestions.  Instead of saying ‘don’t eat a particular food’ concentrate on what you are going to eat.  If you plan what you do what to have on your menu, and on which days, the mind doesn’t have the same opportunities to think about what’s not there! 

Cravings are often habits rather than a physical need.   I like to sit in front of the TV with a bag of Doritos.  It can easily become a habit on a Saturday night!  The next time I do it, I don’t feel so bad, but actually that’s worse!   When I want to kick this habit, my brain thinks … ‘mm somethings missing’  and it’s back to the spicy salsa!   As soon as you start to think.  Oh I could just eat  xxx, guess what,  you feel like you really need it.  When you try to tell yourself NO, well guess what?  It doesn’t compute!

So for dinner tomorrow I WILL be having succulent roast chicken in a smooth lemon pepper sauce, fresh tomatoes and green veg, followed by a  light and whipped yogurt filled with strawberries! 

PS..  Please don’t shout at me if you find me eating a muffin at Starbucks lol!  I choose to!   (yes I will keep telling myself that!)

Have a think about it though! 

Some fun ‘Why is it that……?’ type questions.   Add your own in the comments!  🙂

Why is it that Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

Whose idea was it to put an ‘S’ in the word ‘lisp’?
Why is it that abbrevation is such a long word?
Why are items that travel by road called shipping…and those that travel by ship, named as cargo??? (from @blakkrrox)
Why is it that …………. when you want to stop your computer you have to press the start button?
Why is it that ………. lemon juice is made with artificial flavouring but washing up liquid is made with real lemons? 
Why is the third hand on the watch called a second hand?

Why is a boxing ring square?

Why isn’t there mouse-flavoured cat food?

Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

Why is the word ‘dictionary’ in the dictionary?
Why don’t you ever see the headline “Psychic Wins Lottery”?

The skies were grey today in Dubai.  As always I heard people say “yes but where’s the rain” or “it’s so dull”.    Well I’m sure the rain will be here when it’s ready and then we will complain when it floods!   The sun will be back very soon and later, we will be too hot!

There’s great beauty to be seen when the skies are grey.  There are things you can see in Dubai that you don’t see when the sun is shining.   Some buildings appears to stand out more when they are not upstaged by the sun.    The colours around can seem changed.  What was grey can become pale lilac; what had no colour now has presence, the sky that was pale blue is now a metallic midnight framed by white and grey cushions.  Looking in the water, through the waves, instead of the silver sparkling on the surface, the sea gives up its glaze and we see what’s inside.  (Sometimes good, sometimes not so much!)

It probably makes no sense but is feels different.  There’s a calm that seems to settle, like a lace blanket quieting the scene.

I love the sun;  the brightness, the warmth and the feeling of wellbeing that it awards.  It is one of the reasons I love living in Dubai.   It’s easy to take the sun for granted but it is only on loan, and so while it’s away we get to see something else;  instead of Dubai gold, Dubai silver.

I guess we’ve all heard the expression ‘Give & ye shall receive’;  it’s a pretty lofty statement  and we know what it means, but how does it relate to everyday life in 2011?   Here are a few thoughts, inspired by many other peoples writings,  and some of my own.

If you want to be understood, try to understand.

If you want help, be a help.

If you want respect, give respect.

If you want to lose someones respect, disrespect them.

If you want your boss to appreciate you, appreciate your boss.

If you want to be ignored, ignore everyone else.

If you want respect from your co-workers, give them respect.

If you want your staff to work hard for you, work hard for them.

If you want to change someones mood, think about changing yours.

If you want to receive praise, give praise.

To see a smile, give a smile.

If you want love, give love.


I hope we can all receive what we want in 2011  🙂

Inspiring people to make the changes they want in their lives, making more changes in my own life, having fun, spending time with my husband and family, spending time with friends, listening to music, laughing, singing, dancing, listening to the birds, sitting by the beach, reaching more goals and a lot more stuff I haven’t even decided yet or am not prepared to tell you about.! 🙂

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